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android live wallpaper
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We've taken a look at several different great live wallpapers out there, and we've stumbled upon another that's worth showing off. It's called Battery Core Live Wallpaper, and it's nice to look at but also functional for monitoring your battery state and It’s neat! Time for another simple live wallpaper. This is called Glitter Live Wallpaper free and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Different colors, shapes, and sizes of glitter that will twinkle and glisten on your smartphone. The free version has So, you really like that new fancy layered background for Apple’s iOS, do you? I mean, what’s not to adore? You can move your phone to make it look like there’s space between your wallpaper and the icons. Super new and innovative right? Hardly. A lot of live wallpapers are just for show, and while Device Info Ex certainly looks cool, it can actually show you some really useful information as well. This live wallpaper takes every bit of information about the internals of your phone and puts them Origami Live Wallpaper is one of those that will likely stick to my phone’s home screen for some time. The wallpaper itself is a mix of colorful triangles that animate and change depending on the speed you have set. Working together in a theme of up to A prime example of this is the new Iron Man 3 live wallpaper. Historically, extended content — like video games and apps — for popular movies just isn’t that great. This fan service usually comes out right before a movie hits or right before the .

At the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple introduced a completely revamped version of iOS with many new eye candies and features. Some of the new features that are coming with iOS 7 are the new app icons, improved notification One of the greatest things about an Android phone is the ability to personalize the device, inside and out. From live wallpapers to custom home screens, you can pimp out your Android device to make it more aesthetically appealing or better The Live Wallpaper shown in the image above is part of the package and besides being attractive, it shows the current weather conditions. The wallpaper changes with the weather condition so rain, snow, and other conditions are displayed to show A couple of days ago millions of iOS users were treated to a look at what’s in store in the coming months with the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, and the iOS 7 live wallpaper that impressed many watchers is already available for .


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android live wallpaper

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android live wallpaper

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android live wallpaper

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android live wallpaper

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