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Gardeners will flock to this year's Chelsea Flower Show but a Summer Paints bedding set, from £14.99, liberally covered with pink, plum and yellow flowers or its more subtle Pink Bloom cushion, £14.99. Its range of artificial flowers is From the people who brought us the pop art wallpaper comes these Let's Twist Again vintage jukebox wall murals by Mr Perswall. There are two designs to choose from, both pictured on these pages and both taking inspiration from classic jukeboxes of the 1960s. Owners of early 19th- century homes in Harvard should proceed carefully if they decide to remove decades of old wallpaper. A treasure, a wall painted by itinerant folk artist Rufus Porter, may lie beneath it. Only three buildings in Harvard can boast Do you remember Johnny Marzetti casserole and then later quiche being served? Do you remember the wallpaper, murals, tablecloths, or flower arrangements? Did the tea rooms close before the stores closed or later when the bridge opened in The Arcade area? Pick of the bunch: Conjure easy to look after plants in an instant with a Geranium Wallpaper Mural, from £79, DigetexHome; Graham & Brown floral 'Home' decorative letters, currently on offer at £28 from Very; and a Dogwood Branches wall sticker Today, the interior of that location is striped wallpaper with some Plexiglas full-colored images of classic Disney characters overlaid in a handful of spots. Certainly, the cast members that I talked to in November had no clue that the rooms ever looked .

Wall murals and cutouts: If you’re crazy about the Heat and want a life-size image of LeBron James exploding off your living room wall, then Fathead wall murals or cutouts might be your scene. Fathead (www.fathead.com) has licenses for peel Create a clear focal point with a bold wall covering, drawing visitors into the room. The Birds and Birch wallpaper mural is removable. Use lighting to emphasize the room’s focal point. A spotlight highlights the wallpaper and reflects off the mirrored An altogether different approach to wall murals is with wallpaper. Imagine one wall in a bedroom or den with your favourite serenity scene, such as a woodland or sandy beach at sunset. Find a photo of the scene you want and have a printer reproduce the Have a bathroom that doesn’t have windows? You can really brighten it – and make a designer statement – by placing a removable wallpaper mural on the ceiling. Pick a sky scene with fluffy clouds on a blue background and you can even brighten a .


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wallpaper murals


wallpaper murals

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wallpaper murals

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wallpaper murals

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