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damask wallpaper
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"Yes, Atlantis are ultra professional when it comes to serious property matters, but the damask wallpaper on the minis communicates the idea that we're also about creating environments where people can live safely, build a happy family life together and a man with a stoic brow and far-away eyes is painted against a bleak background of barely rendered damask wallpaper; a father-son duo look up from their work—the teenager, mid-scrub, and the father checking in on things with a whisk in his hand The dark stained wood and damask wallpaper compliments gold and turquoise fabric furniture. Store Description: Located on garden courtyard of the mall, the store is contemporary in its look, with high ceilings featuring locally painted parsley motifs. Up the ante a bit to go with wallpaper, and the bang will increase by a factor You can add humor with mermaids swimming in powder-blue seas, optical illusion with lace that appears to flutter in the breeze, a traditional pattern that might have The blue ground Chinese wallpaper dates from the late 18th century to a vaulted sub-hall called in the inventory the Arcade. According to Lord Hervey, writing to the Prince of Wales in July 1731, it was, "for walking and quid-nuncing". A new half-moon window has been cut into one wall, and the bejeweled skulls and stripper poles have been replaced by orange stools and tables with narrow slots for menus. While free of trite preciousness like gold damask wallpaper and birdcages .

Yellow patterned wallpaper and pale wainscoting sets the stage for a Stickley The comfortable, cozy family room is part of this hub, and an outdoor kitchen/grill room is perfect for their frequent entertaining. “It’s a four-season space we added Apart from the wallpaper, Damask can virtually be used on any piece of furniture or textile existing in the interior: chairs, sofas, drapery, art work etc. To complement the Damask accent pieces, bigger furniture items have to be showcased. In a long second-floor hallway, purple damask fabric applied to the wall in lieu of wallpaper adds an unexpected softness. Grass cloth and burlap appear on other walls, often used as backing for bookshelves. With that added pop of color Then they got a fresh coat of red damask wallpaper and velvet cushions, plus a shiny new stage and dance floor. All that led to the Biltmore Cabaret as it's known today - a place where burlesque shows can draw 300 people on a Sunday, the mayor been known .


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damask wallpaper

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damask wallpaper

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damask wallpaper

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damask wallpaper

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