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textured wallpaper
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Up the ante a bit to go with wallpaper, and the bang will increase by a factor You can add humor with mermaids swimming in powder-blue seas, optical illusion with lace that appears to flutter in the breeze, a traditional pattern that might have If your sartorial preferences run to solid colors, take a pass on pattered wallpaper and focus on textured papers with natural materials such as grasscloth or bamboo instead. If you find some patterned garments and a generally neutral palette with accents “Whatever the interior design, wallpapers can highlight or transform the No wonder why many people today prefer vinyl wallpapers for their kitchen and large bathrooms instead of the usual paint. A simple affair Contrary to what one may think Wallpaper designed to look like wood Want to nominate a cool product for Stuff We Love? Send an email to Megan Willett at mwillett@businessinsider.com. The same effect can be created with a textured wallpaper, for example, or a stone or wood finish, even a fabric. The photo accompanying today's column shows part of a large living room I designed for a new home. The long back wall features a custom-made The black velvet couch complements the bold black stipes on the flocked wallpaper are blend nicely in the room. The chairs are a perfect example of texture combinations all on their own, as the velvet and chrome combination creates tension and interest. .

Original parquet is found in the front-facing lounge too, where a limestone fireplace rests against walls covered with a bronze Kelly Hoppen textured wallpaper. An over-sized L-shaped cream leather sofa sits centrally in the room and is beautifully dressed Victorians were crazy for color, texture and design in their interiors. Carpets, upholstery and wallpaper were applied in their houses, one design on top of another. The result must have been riots of color, texture and pattern. It wouldn’t be until Featuring perforations inspired by the transformation of snakes, the ‘Tear Off’ wallpaper can be customized by tearing off only the pieces you choose. This process also highlights the texture and color of the background, giving you even more creative Turns out, the future is Sunday. Jeff’s poster — terrific blend of type, color, textured wallpaper and iconic images of both rock ‘n’ roll and summer — accompanies Ricardo Baca’s review of what concerts Colorado is offering up this summer .


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textured wallpaper

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textured wallpaper

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textured wallpaper

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textured wallpaper

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