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During the Apple keynote yesterday we saw a lot of interesting and exciting new things with iOS 7, many of which have been available on Android for some time, but we won’t get into that now. The most impressive new feature and UI aspect (for but one of the features that stood out in iOS 7 is the new motion response interface, where the device responds to any movements and creates a 3D effect in the background. This is something similar to Android’s Live wallpaper, and there are One of the snazzy new features that iOS 7 users will be able to take advantage of once Apple has released it, is a sweet 3D-like homescreen/wallpaper. When titling your iOS device, the homescreen icons will appear to move around, allowing you a Note that the application works only with devices that have gyroscope, such as Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S3. This live wallpaper can be downloaded for free and if you like it and want all features included, buy the paid version for $1.59. Earth HD Deluxe Android smartphones users that like the 3D visual effect of the Apple iOS 7 Parallax Effect, will be pleased to learn that the Parallax Effect can be recreated on Android smartphones without too much trouble. Android Community has put together a video Currently available for 50% off as part of a launch promotion, Sandy Beach 3D is the ultimate in soothing wallpapers. I don’t know about and the fact that it will not prevent your computer from going to sleep when you have set up its sleep cycle .

I'll be the first to admit that I find most live wallpapers pretty pointless. It's not that I don't appreciate the time and effort that goes into making them - it's just that I like to keep things clean, and all the background movement just seems so An application on Google Play called 3D Image Live Wallpaper by Opotech gives Android users a similar effect and is compatible with any wallpaper. The 3D Image Live Wallpaper app is available now in the Google Play store for $1.60. It's interesting my October wallpaper was Cloud Atlas and now, with January 2013 comes a horror-inspired wallpaper in a month that begins with Texas Chainsaw 3D, continues with the horror parody A Haunted House, follows that up with the Guillermo del Toro Back in the summer of ’09, I was exposed to a design firm calling themselves The Astonishing Tribe (or TAT for short). Believe it or not, but these guys were actually involved in designing the basic Android UI we saw in the Cupcake days. On their YouTube .


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