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A lot of live wallpapers are just for show, and while Device Info Ex certainly looks cool, it can actually show you some really useful information as well. This live wallpaper takes every bit of information about the internals of your phone and puts them One of the snazzy new features that iOS 7 users will be able to take advantage of once Apple has released it, is a sweet 3D-like homescreen/wallpaper. When titling your iOS device, the homescreen icons will appear to move around, allowing you a monitor support and multiple spaces support that make live wallpaper a good solution for your wallpaper customization needs; however, it is good to note that this app is not Geektool. As many of you may know (and will probably comment on), the level Simple put, there are a lot of live wallpapers out there. You can find anything from simple wallpapers that just change color to ones that look and do crazy things. You can even find live wallpapers that have functionality. Finding the ones you're looking But if you want something a little different, take a look at MultiPicture Live Wallpaper which brings animation to your backgrounds. Fire up the app and the first thing you need to do is choose between having a unique wallpaper for each screen Battery Core has a great group of settings to change and customize the wallpaper to your liking, which are also extended even more if you spring for the $0.99 paid version of the app. In the free version, you have access to 7 different core styles .

One of the many features that makes Android amazing is Live Wallpapers. Being able to make your smartphone or tablet come to life with an active and live moving wallpaper. There is literally hundreds and hundreds of choices on the Google Play Store. Ahhh live wallpapers, one of the original selling points for Android over iOS. They may have lost some of their lustre over the years, but every now and then we find a gem floating about the Play store. Origami Live Wallpaper is one of those that will If you just can't get enough of the calm, serene, zen-filled scenery of the deep forest, DualBoot Games' latest live wallpaper should help get your inner peace in check. Simply called Forest HD, this live wallpaper brings that famous DBG quality to your Are you ready to line up for the premiere of Iron Man 3 in your custom outfit with the arc reactor shirt and homemade arm repulsors? Even if that’s not at all the case, Marvel has just the thing for your Android phone. The last few years have seen a .


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