Removable Wallpaper

removable wallpaper

All images courtesy of Chasing Paper. If you're redecorating your home, one of the easiest cosmetic changes can be changing the color of the walls. Painting is a fast fix and has the appeal of less mess and hassle than wallpaper. Enter Chasing Paper, a I just found out that a small social meeting/get together will be held at my place next month. I’d like to get my place ready for this event. I don’t like wallpaper, so my kitchen has some of the wallpaper taken off and most is still on. I don’t have We rent our Manhattan apartment, so we've never thought of putting up wallpaper. But Hygge & West recently launched removable wallpaper tiles, so you could put them up easily. Wouldn't these look lovely in a bathroom or foyer? Thanks to the genius that is Hygge & West’s removable wallpaper tiles, renters, students and the decor indecisive can now deck out their digs without the worry of the real deal—or the hassle of wallpaper paste. Fear of commitment never looked so good. While paint is easy and inexpensive, there are other ways to be creative. removable wallpaper and decals are great ways to add bold patterns and bright colors. Many paint stores also carry wallpaper or look online. Ask for self-adhesive, temporary papers. When it comes to interior design, I’m fickle, which is why I’ve never bothered That’s why I’m a big fan of removable wallpaper decals. They’re all the beauty of a wallpaper or paint job, with none of the permanency. Use them to create an .

ZNAK has created unique perforated wallpaper that allows you to pull off sections of the removable design to create your own look. As you tear, it reveals the existing wall color underneath. Have a bathroom that doesn’t have windows? You can really brighten it – and make a designer statement – by placing a removable wallpaper mural on the ceiling. Pick a sky scene with fluffy clouds on a blue background and you can even brighten a But they're all do-able, and importantly, reversible. Just like this solution for covering ugly appliances with removable peel-and-stick wallpaper. Read the whole story at Contribute to this Story: Send us a tip Send us The Challenge: To create bedrooms for the client’s two children - each a different To create a room that can grow with the child, I used removable wallpaper, pictures, bookends and lampshades. These all can be easily taken down and inexpensively .


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removable wallpaper

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removable wallpaper

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removable wallpaper

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removable wallpaper

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