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vintage wallpaper
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Balancing out Robs cutting edge .22 wallpaper, here is a throw back to an older day some of us may recall. The weapon shown is the Colt SP-1, which may look familiar depending on how long you’ve been in the service, or what ancient armories you’ve The company also produces its own line of custom lacquered furniture while maintaining and can recommend a designer to anyone who falls in love with the designs. If you thought wallpaper was passé, think again. We've heard of cleaning with weird products like beer, mustard and even flour, but when we learned that Play-doh was originally wallpaper cleaner, we were surprised to say the least. Yup, according to Today I Found Out, this kids staple has a Leonard likes to repurpose items, like using designer bed sheets as wallpaper, and vintage silk sari fabric and velvet material to make cushion covers. He can spot valuable silverware, antique paintings and prized Persian carpets at house sales as well as She bought a chandelier from Terrain for the vestibule, and papered the space in bright, floral wallpaper. She refinished and installed an antique solid oak foyer door with vintage textured glass. She used salvaged wood for a paneled wall in the living Wallpaper is fresh and fabulous, but it can be intimidating. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got straightforward, time-saving, cost-cutting answers. What's the one thing I should know about wallpaper these days? "Metallics!" says Janet Lee .

The 'art of flight' is being re-examined in a new book dedicated to vintage aviation posters, publicity material and graphic design. With artworks from the likes of Edward Bawden, John Piper and Rex Whistler, British Aviation Posters charts air industry FROM its wallpaper and carpet to other retro finishes, this house is a throwback to the sixties. Selling Agent Elesa Wood, of Harris Real Estate, says the house, at 1 Russell Tce, Edwardstown, is like nothing she has seen before. “It’s like stepping We definitely need to be a little more involved in the environment saving project. Charity begins at home they non-toxic paints and other decor articles that are eco-friendly and encourage use of recycled materials, we can make a difference Located at 2618 Elm, this new spot isn't all about work -- there's time for play, too. The restaurant's shtick is that it provides resides in the unsuspecting storefront at 2640 Elm Street. The charming space found behind large wooden .


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